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Basics of project management
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Course details

The course "Fundamentals of Project Management" covers the key concepts and areas of knowledge of project management. Students will gain new knowledge and systematize their existing knowledge in the field of management, based on a project approach, currently necessary for successful development in any field.

Studying the course may allow to answer a number of topical questions:
1. What is project management, its benefits?
2. How to achieve your personal or business goals with project management?
3. How to formulate the project goal correctly?
4. How to prepare project documentation?
5. How to present a project to a potential investor (customer)?
6. How to determine the scope of work of the project and the sequence of their implementation?
7. How to make a project budget?
8. How to build a project team and manage it?
9. How to manage risks in a project?
10. How to complete the project correctly?

After completing the course, students will be ready to draw up and implement projects of the initial level of complexity, as well as form a solid theoretical foundation for further enhancing their competencies in project management.

Competencies to be formed

• SК-2 – the student is able to determine the range of tasks within the framework of the goal and choose the best ways to solve them, based on the existing legal norms, available resources and limitations.

Learning outcomes

• LO1. The student understands the conditions of use, opportunities and limitations of project management.
• LO2. A student is able to formulate a project goal and present a project idea.
• LO3. The student understands the procedure for preparing project documentation and its content.
• LO4. A student conducts a system decomposition of project work and prepares a project management plan.
• LO5. The student uses the acquired knowledge to form a project team.
• LO6. The student has the basics of risk identification and adequate response to them in the project.
• LO7. The student uses the methods and skills of projective management based on the knowledge gained.

Requirements for students

The course is designed for students and teachers. It requires a general understanding of management, entrepreneurship, and economics.

Course format

The course includes: working with interactive text of lectures with subsequent answers to questions for self-examination and discussion on the forum; carrying out training tasks for each topic; the stage preparation of the final project; passing the final asessment in the form of performing the final control test.

Course syllabus

Module 1.
Management decisions and basics of project management.

Module 2.
The essence and content of the project initiation stage.
Formulation of the project goal.
Determination of the result of the project.
The place of the project charter in the initiation processes.

Module 3.
Definition of project content.
Drawing up a Work Breakdown Structure.
Evaluation of the time resources of the project.
Project budget planning.
Project team planning.
Project risk management planning.

Module 4.
Project implementation. Management functions. Monitoring and control. Change management.
Completion of the project. Efficiency mark. Preparation of the final report.
Presentation of the project.

Course team

Course Staff Image #1

Boris A. Tkhorikov

Ph.D. in Sociology, Head of the Department of Management and Marketing, National Research University "BelSU

Course Staff Image #2

Maxim V. Semibratsky

Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Marketing, Head of Project Management Center, Graduate School of Management, National Research University "BelSU"

Course Staff Image #2

Natalia A. Mamatova

Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Marketing, National Research University "BelSU"

Course Staff Image #2

Olga A. Gerasimenko

Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Marketing, National Research University "BelSU"

Course Staff Image #2

Svetlana A. Gaivoronskaya

Head of the Rector’s Project Office

Training program

All training bachelor programs

Field of activity

• Humanities
• Health and medical sciences
• Engineering, technology and engineering
• Art and culture
• Mathematical and natural sciences
• Social Sciences
• Education and pedagogical sciences


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